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Thanks for joining us on our release, your support is so valuable to us at Katbo! Come and explore our unique collection of rich colours and opulent materials, the perfect way to elevate any outfit. The collection is based around a range of holiday destinations which I have visited in my lifetime, where cultural influences have inspired new ideas through the presence of colour in new and bold ways.

Add colour and artistic flare to your wardrobe by embracing our hand painted patterns and paint palette approach to accessories. The collection aims to be wearable and versatile, suiting anyone and everyone. Welcome to the Katbo lifestyle, it is a pleasure to share it with you... 

About Katbo...

Who is Katbo?

 My name is Katie Boyle, aka Katbo. I am a Freelance Graphic Designer and Artist. I take artistic inspiration from the simple pleasures of life... immersing myself in nature, to visiting Galleries and even simple every-day conversations with friends. I would like to say thank you to all who I have spoken to regarding this project, as it is very likely that through conversation you have helped to guide me to where I am now.


Welcome to Katbo...

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